Tom Richardson – A True Mensh

A mensh is a particularly good person who can be relied on to act with honour and integrity. But the Yiddish term means more than that: it also suggests someone who is kind and considerate, who goes out of his way to help others. TOM RICHARDSON did a mitzvah for both our congregation and the city.

Not out of a sense of duty but with a joyous heart, he asked for permission to revitalize the eyesore that was the outside of the Sons of Jacob Synagogue located on the corner of McIntyre and Cassells. 

After Tom (right) received donations through a Gofundme website, he singlehandedly obtained free and reduced cost paint from Stewart’s Decorating, arranged a free lift from United Rentals for three weeks, paying only for delivery and pick up in lieu of the $2500.00 weekly rental cost and got a reduced rate for the electrical lights that will be installed on Cassells, plus arranged for Mike Foisy (left in photo) to give his expertise and brickwork gratis. This was only the legwork. 

In all kinds of weather, TOM RICHARDSON himself, working in sections, scraped and cleaned each brick before painting the entire building. His generosity to the Jewish community and to beautification of the city cannot be measured by any normal means. 

Tom, the Jewish community is beyond grateful. A simple,” Thank you,” is not enough. You are a true MENSH. The Jewish community and the city thank you. 


The Congregation of The Sons of Jacob Synagogue